Enhance your business presence in the community with BeeLocal

We are creating a new type of online marketplace aimed at supporting the community and locally run businesses. We want to make shopping and supporting local as easy as using any large-scale online marketplace, with one convenient place in which you can find local stores and products without even stepping out of your door.


How we're going to beat the department stores and online giants at their own game

The name of the game is convenience. Amazon, Walmart, and all these other retailers, both department and online are popular because they're easy. It's a one stop shop for everything you need. In order for us to be successful, we need a variety of businesses to offer that convenience to our users. Together, we can make shopping local as easy as shopping with anything else.


Reinforcing the Local Economy

The backbone of the local economy are local stores. When someone buys something at a locally owned and operated store, the profits from that sale go to those employees and owners who continue the cycle locally. When we buy something at Walmart or Amazon - that profit gets siphoned off to the US reinforcing only the uber-wealthy and shrinking our local economies. We aim to combat that trend and reinforce and support local retail.

Cost Efficient

Your business and profits stay your own

We aren't interested in taking a commission on sales on our platform. We understand that some stores operate on thin enough margins. We're just happy that customers use BeeLocal as a directory for businesses and products as we are if they buy through our platform. By monetizing through low-cost subscriptions and promotions, we get to keep the lights on while offering the best platform possible.